Types of Pallets

Wooden pallet is made of timber of the species specified by customer.  It can be made of Mixed Malaysian Harwood, Pinewood, Acacia etc as per customer request.

Block Class Pallet

Stringer Class Pallet

Components of pallet is made of plywood.  It can be in whole panel or cut into strips.

Plywood Pallet

LVL pallet is a high quality pallet due to its durability and high strength performance of the material.  It has high resistant against fungus growth and borers attack due the material has relatively low moisture content.

LVL Block Class Pallet

LVL Stringer Class Pallet

Recycle Block Class Pallet

 Recycle Stringer Class Pallet

How do I choose the right plastic pallet?

Plastic Pallet

Let Berjayapak help you make that choice! Check this out

Common Sized Pallet for Export

The common pallet size is our most requested size, but we do manufacture several different pallet dimensions depending on customers needs

Block Class-4 Way
Stringer Class-Partial 4 Way/ 2 way

Common Wooden Pallets for warehouse application

Stringer Class, 2
Plywood Pallet

Our in house processes to ensure MC of our wooden components is at 22% and below to discourage fungus and borers growth. Our capability to run testing and 32 years of knowledge in the industry.