Our Pallet Recycling Program (PRP) – towards environmental quality control

Based on the concept of ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ to help environmental conservation, our PRP program involves the collection, repair and remanufacture of worn and broken pallets for reuse.

Whether the repair consist of only replacing a single component or the complete disassembly of a pallet to salvage sound components to remanufacture pallets, the quality and durability of our recycled pallets are never compromised as they are reinstated to their original design, strength and durability.

Besides the obvious cost benefits, our PRP provides a solution for pallet disposal which reduce fire hazard inside or outside your premises. All pallets collected with no restrictions on quantity; size or type will be rebuilt into sound pallets for use in your warehouse or for export.

Like any asset, pallets need proper maintenance and repair in order to achieve full cost-saving potentials. Our PRP services represent best environmental practice!

Pallet Recycling Process