Our In-house facilities of Heat Treatment complying to the ISPM No.15 requirement.

Infrastructure & Facilities approved by :

  • Local council – MPPP or MPSP.
  • Department of Safety & Health – DOSH.
  • Department of Environment – DOE.
  • Department of Housing & Local Council – BOMBA.
  • Department of Agriculture (DOA) – Malaysian NPPO.

1. Heat Treatment Requirement :

  • Heat Treatment – use HEAT to treat WPM.
  • WPM is treated with high temperature.
  • Minimum Wood Core Temperature 56°C, minimum 30 minutes exposure.
  • IPPC marking at 2 opposite side.

Defination :

  • MY – Country Of Origin (Malaysia)
  • (HT) 016 – Service Provider Code for Berjayapak assigned by DOA
  • HT – Heat Treatment
  • DB – Debark
  • 09 11 020 – Treatment Batch Number
  • BT -Butterworth

2. Advantages of Heat Treatment services provided by Berjayapak:

  • One stop solution by provided treated pallet / HT services complying to ISPM No. 15.
  • Heat Treatment certificate provided upon request.
  • Short lead time with high batch quantity ~ 800 pcs per cycle.
  • Wood SAP and moisture are reduced – heat force.
  • Lower opportunity of re-infestation – lower SAP level in treated WPM.
  • No toxic chemical or gas use for treatment.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Proper traceability with computerized temperature control system in place.

3. Quarantine control for treated pallet

  • Both service provider and exporter to observe all quarantine guidelines of ISPM No. 15. at all time.
  • Both service provider and exporter to identify and eliminate all causes of re-infestation of treated WPM.
  • Exporter to inspect all WPM for sign of re-infestation before shipment.

4. Dissemination of information on latest news & update on ISPM No. 15. regulation

As a member to NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, USA), we receive the latest update on ISPM No.15 regulation & shipping requirement regularly where this information shall be disseminated & shared to all our valued customer.